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      Established on November 1992, Sinoinstruments Co. Ltd (the Southeast China Scientific Equipment & Service Corporation) is a distributor of scientific instruments and laboratory facilities. With our highly experienced engineers and sales teams in the area of instrument delivery and service, Sinoinstruments has an international reputation of service and excellence to our customers. We are one of the most well-known companies in the Chinese scientific hardware Markey and beyond. Our company headquarters are centered in Guangzhou, a Branch Corporation in Beijing,Shanghai, and there offices in Chengdu,Hangzhou ,Shandong,Wuhan,Xian and Shenzhen.

      Sinoinstruments plays an important role as a bridge between the manufacturers and end-users by introducing top-ranged laboratory equipment to the high growth China market. With our strength in technology and expertise in laboratory equipment, we continually strive to supply superior hardware and software to the user. We provide our customers with a wide range of services including: project consultation, research advising, installation and after-sales service. Sinoinstruments has partnered with other well-known brands of laboratory equipment and manufacturers based in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Brands under current distribution include: ALP, B+S,VELP,Lovibond, Binder, Brookfield, Nabertherm ,NICHIRYO, YSI, Mettler Toledo, X-rite,alalis,interscience,CURIO,BIO-RAD,Merck Millipore, EYELA,coleparmer etc. Sinoinstruments is looking forward to expanding its sales network in China by developing professional business partnerships with clients.
      As a well-known and specialized scientific equipment distributor, our sales team and distribution network are spread all over China. We have established strong relationships with our customers, and continuously seeking new and potential customers.
      We welcome manufacturers to contact with us. You will find we are an ideal business partner to introduce your unique and excellent products to the huge China market.

      Sinoinstrument Co. Ltd.(Guangzhou)

      A1-2201,Greenland Central Plaza, No.112, SciTech Avenue HuangPu District,510663,Guangzhou, China

      Tel: 86-20-66618088 Fax: 86-20-83510388 

      R/B311、315,Huizhi building,No.9 Xueqing Road,Haidian,100085 Beijing,China
      Tel: 86-10-62268660  Fax: 86-10-62238297
      E-mail: beijing@sinoinstrument.com


      N603,Henderson&CIFI Essence of Hongqiao,NO.1188,Shenhong Road,Minhang District,201106 Shanghai,China
      Tel: 86-21-52586771 Fax: 86-21-52586778
      E-mail: shanghai@sinoinstrument.com


      R/510 Yaojiangwenxin Building,No.207,Wenerxi Road,310012 Hangzhou,China
      TEL:86-571-88068711 FAX:86-571-88068733
      E-mail: kittyy@sinoinstrument.com


      R/35-908 Youpin Square, No.99 Qingyang Road, 610041 ChengDu, China
      Tel: 86-28-61375660 Fax: 86-28-61375600
      E-mail: cd@sinoinstrument.com


      R/C-2016 Yangyang National Buliding, No.132 Zhuque Road, 710061 Xian, China
      Tel: 86-29-62221598 Fax: 86-29-62221599
      E-mail: xian@sinoinstrument.com


      R/13-2-402 Qiling Buliding, Minzu Road, 430074 Wuhan, China
      Tel: 86-139 2600 2475 
      E-mail: cc@sinoinstrument.com


      R/901 Yuetan Buliding, HuaxingRoad, 300011 Tianjin , China
      Tel: 86-22- 24332587、86-139 0300 5375
      E-mail: hxz@sinoinstrument.com


      R/3-601 Niuwang Buliding, Gaoxin District, 250308 Jinan, China
      Tel: 86-136 0000 5728


      R/403  No.1 Huachang Road, Huli District,361006 Xiamen, China
      Tel: 86-592-3197502
      E-mail: xxp@sinoinstrument.com


      R/729  Hongfa Buliding, Baoan Road,Baoan zhongxin District,518131 Shenzhen, China
      Tel: 86-755-86623748
      E-mail: ljp@sinoinstrument.com


      F/16, NO.77-81 Factory Building,Chai Wan Kok Street,Tsuen Wan ,Kowloon, Hongkong China
      Tel: 852-25650348


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